Chartering Ironsides Sailing Barge

Sail with us on Ironsides

Chartering Ironsides Sailing Barge can can be upto 12 passengers, and choose to be catered for, or opt for self-catering, if its the latter don’t forget to feed the crew.

We can arrange a day sail or a weekend or if you hire the barge for anything between two days a week or even two then you can cruise from the historic town of Faversham and to as many destinations on the east coast as weather and tides permit. if you want to start the cruse else where on the east coat this can be sorted.

Alternatively we also organise trips that individuals, couples and smaller family groups can join.

Day sailing

We are happy to take people for a day sail. From often it’s a case of charterers joining the ship the night before and setting off in the night so that we return on an afternoon or early evening tide.

We also do day sails from other destinations especially if we are racing the racing program can be seen on or sailing program page.

Joining us for one of the seven annual barge matches (races) is also possible on a day sail basis. These are a great occasion for sailing enthusiasts, artists and photographers.

Weekend sailing

Charterers usually come aboard on Friday evening, spend two nights and two days on the barge and go home on Sunday after tea.

This is mainly from the picturesque Swale estuary where we can sailing to the marshes of the Medway famous for its Victorian dumps and where many of the prison ships of the 18th and 19th centuries were anchored or even sail over the Thames to Brightlingsea, to the river crouch to Burnham on crouch, and in both places spend time ashore in the idyllic accent ports.

Alternatively we can sail out to the forts in the estuary and come back to the swale where you can just enjoy a quiet evening at anchor watching the sun go down on deck after a meal, followed by another sail on Sunday.
there is no set agenda and is governed by the tides and weather.

Longer sailing charters

Five day charters Monday to Friday are popular. means we have a good chance of sailing further afield up into the Suffolk rivers to Aldeburgh or Snape or even to the Victorian resort of Southwold.

The Thames Estuary combines the best of town and country, wild and open spaces, beaches, waterside hamlets, idyllic nature reserves and beautiful countryside, as well as the busy and industrial upper Thames, and the biggest container port in Europe at Felixstowe.

Themed cruises – art and photography, bird watching

We can provide themed cruises:

Art and photography cruises – join other with similar interests assisted by a professional tutor and learn to picture what you experience in a unique setting.
Themed cruises – sail on the barge and spend time ashore visiting museums and the theatre while being looked after in five star style.
Bird watching and nature trips – visit sanctuaries and nature parks. See basking seals, and experience the countryside explore the creeks in our barge boat.


What to bring with you on a charter

If you are coming on a sailing charter trip you will need to bring your own waterproof clothes and footwear.

Clothing should be typically jeans, tee shirts and sweaters. A warm waterproof anorak or jacket is advisable. Some form of head gear is also a good idea.

Soft-soled foot wear such as trainers or deck shoes are essential. Wellington boots or waterproof sandals are advisable for shore trips when landing from the boat.

We provide all your bedding sheets/mattress covers and pillows if staying aboard.

Don’t forget sun protection. The sea will produce a lot of glare even when the sun is not out so sun glasses are also advisable. You will also need your own tooth brush, tooth paste, soap and shower gel, wash bag and towels. Bring soft bags for your gear as we do not have stowage for rigid bags or suitcases.


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